Smash The Patriarchy

By New York Neo-Futurists (other events)

10 Dates Through Jun 26, 2021

The New York Neo-Futurists are back with more monthly LIVE shows online in 2021! We continue our on-going and ever-changing attempt to create immediate art LIVE with SMASH THE PATRIARCHY, this month's collection of Neo-Futurist digital experiments presented in random order, much like our weekly awarding-winning show, The Infinite Wrench. SMASH THE PATRIARCHY invites you to smash the systems that keep us down. To say fuck it. To joyfully pick up the hammer. Here, we have extras just for you. SMASH THE PATRIARCHY features all-new plays about dismantling and transforming, about letting go and breaking loose. With SMASH THE PATRIARCHY, we embrace the chaos, create new work, expand beyond the theater, and invite you to join us this month online. 

Ticket holders and Patreon members will receive a link prior to the show. Can’t join us live? Patreon members will have access to all recordings of NY Neo-Futurist live show streams:

In an attempt to make SMASH THE PATRIARCHY, as accessible as possible tickets are sliding scale. All proceeds go towards paying our artists. Please pay what you can, and we thank you for your generosity! 

Can’t wait? Want more Neo-Futurism now? Check out the 1st season of our podcast Hit Play. Season Two coming April 16th!