Friday Neo-Futurist Creative Jam

By New York Neo-Futurists (other events)

Friday, October 2 2020 5:00 PM 6:30 PM

NY Neo-Futurists Kyra Sims, Katie Kay Chelena, & Rob Neill host this 90-minute creative digital workshop, Friday 5pm, October 2nd.

Join us as we roll into the weekend, reflect on the week, and engage creative tools we've honed as Neo-Futurists to work out and spark your writing and storytelling. Each Neo-Futurist instructor will lead you through writing exercises, the sharing of work, and a touch of critique. 

We believe that every individual's story is worth telling on stage. Using the non-illusory Neo-Futurists aesthetic, participants will quickly create new work and sharpen skills that can be applied in any professional setting—whether in the arts field or beyond. All experience levels are welcome.